Study trip to the South of England

Pupils from high school went to London and surroundings

by Saskia Katzschke

35 students of the 12th grade from our school in Falkenberg took part in this year's study trip. On 7th April 2019 we started in company of Mrs. Beuermann and Mr. Hübner. Together we explored the South of England for 5 days, in order to test and improve our English.

On Sunday at 10 pm our journey was ready to start. At first we went to Calais, France, for 14 hours. There we took the ferry to Dover, England, which was very exciting for some of us. Afterwards we went by bus to Canterbury and had a nice walk through the narrow alleys, small half-timbered houses and cafes, where we had lots of opportunities to buy some typical food. Later each group met their host families for the first time in Portsmouth, which is a lovely city with a port.

The next day, it was a Tuesday, was our first full day in England. In the morning we went to Stonehenge with typical British weather, which means rain. At Stonehenge we visited the local museum to get information about the history and the people living there a long time ago. In the afternoon the next stop of our journey was one of the most beautiful cities of South England - Salisbury. There we walked through the streets on our own and most of us bought little souvenirs, like keyrings or T- shirts. But we also tried typical food such as original English wine gums, fudge and lemon curt. Furthermore we visited the Salisbury Cathedral.

The following days were also dedicated to sightseeing. On Wednesday we had a look into the HMS Victory, which is the oldest ship of the British Navy and known as the flagship of Vice Admiral Nelson in the naval battle of Trafalgar. Later we went by ferry to the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is as popular as Dover for its chalk cliffs and beautiful coast with a lighthouse. We also had a pleasure cruise boat tour.

The last day in England, a Thursday, was the highlight for most of us. We went to London. The first thing we saw was the skyline, which was amazing. On this day we formed little groups of at least 3 people to explore the city on our own. A bigger group went to the horror cabinet, called “London Dungeon“. They loved to be scared and shocked by strange creatures and monsters. The other pupils went by subway to different attractions and sights, like the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge or London Bridge, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, wonderful parks and different museums. Unfortunately, we couldn`t see Big Ben, because it is currently being renovated until 2021.